How to navigate dating in 2020 and find a Life Partner.
Top-matchmaker Lorraine Adams invites you to join her 
Dating Kick-Starter Program
Does finding a Life Partner seem like an Impossibility
You've tried everything you can think of? Asked all your friends?
Scrolled through endless online profiles?
Swiped left continuously?
Dated plenty of unsuitable men?
Been rejected or rejected so many times? 
Or been too despairing to even try? 
The dating game has moved online
It is a fact that a very significant percentage of singles now use  online dating. However the online dating formulae is very much geared to online flings and is difficult to make works if you are looking for a genuine long-standing relationship - UNLESS - you know how to work the system. It is of little wonder that most women are left with an extremely time consuming, demoralising and unsatisfying experience and get no near finding a partner. 

The whole online dating experience can be disheartening and discouraging. You need to know how to make it work for you and not against you. 
I understand what it is like, I have been there. I found myself as a divorced single Mother and alone for the first time in 18 years ...
I was alone but was certain that I did not want to spend the rest of my life alone. I started in the  traditional way and ask everyone I could think of whether the knew any eligible men but ended have disappointing blind date after blind date.  

I was so despairing that I decided to set up my own matchmaking service to help women (and men) like me through the dating pitfalls. Since then I've bought countless couples together and helped thousands more find a partner - and I found my own forever person

I have now set up  YourDatingAcademy in order to guide thousands more women through the modern dating minefield. 
How much difference to your life would finding the right partner make? 
A partner should enhance your life. 
Bring out the best in you. Steer you to make the best life decisions.
Pick you up when you are down. Be your support network. 
... Just as you should be prepared to be all these things to your future partner.

I have my partner to share life's ups and downs, to explore everything life has to offer and to remain connected into our old age.  I want you to have the same.

I have created a tried and tested dating formula that works! Not to find your next fling, but to find you a long term loving partner!
The Lorraine Adam's
Dating Kick-Starter Program
to achieve relationship success.
Everything that's included in the Offer
In-depth call with Lorraine to review your personal dating position
I will spend 30 minutes on an in-depth video or phone call with you to review where you are in your dating journey. I want to understand your dating challenges and potential barriers to success. I will give you my thoughts on your specific situation and personalised advice on the best next steps for you. 

You will get all the benefit of my 20 years of experience in helping singles find the right partner. 
Comprehensive Guide to Online dating
I will show you how to work the online dating systems to make them successful for you. You need only spend a limited time online and I will demonstrate how to get plenty of quality dates in the diary. 

My 8 page e-guide sets out everything you need to know before you start online dating or to put you on the right track if you have already started and encourage you all the way.
- How to write your profile
- What photos to use
- Which sites to try (and what to pay)
- How to filter and manage responses 
- Tactics for meeting dates 

Personalise Online dating Profile Review
Once you have set up your online profile or if you already have one you will want to get it reviewed to make sure it presents you in the right way and is likely to attract the right kind of prospects. You want to get lots of interest but you also do not want to spend endless time fending away the wrong kind of attention. 
Send us your profile and we will review it and give you personalised feedback so that you are confident you can go online with your best foot forward.

Video Series of dating tips 
Get access in the YourDatingAcademy members area to my video series of setting out my top dating tips.
- Video 1 "What your wish list should consist of"
- Video 2 "Managing your expectations"
- Video 3 "Recognising, opening and sustaining romance opportunities"
- Video 4 "Dating Dilemmas"
- Video 5 "The Calcudating Formulae"
Plus new videos looking at different areas of dating and relationships will be added regularly.

Membership of  Lorraine's private Facebook Group for as long as you need it.
Join my private Facebook Group. Share dating stories and advice with other members of YourDatingAcademy. 

Ask me direct questions at any time in the Group and receive direct responses and support.

Are you serious about finding that Life Partner
Finding that true life partner is never easy but I truly believe that every woman can find the right man for them. I have seen it happen so many times, all it takes is the right attitude and some guidance on best to go about it. I want to give you that advice and have designed the Dating Kick-Start Program specifically to equip you for success. 

Just imaging how much difference finding the right life partner could make to your life now. Do you not owe it to yourself to start that search?  I will be there with you...
Lorraine x 
My normal price for the Dating Kick-Starter Program is £194 
but for Valentines I am offering a special price of £47 only 
Get the Kick-Start Program Valentines Offer  
£194  £47 
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